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One of the most common questions we often get is how long will it take to be good at Wing Chun? The answer relates to how much time and effort that you are willing to put in to practicing this martial art. In general the more you practice the better you will get. So here is our advice on what to practice in order to get better at Wing Chun quickly.

The secret of a quick improvement in Wing Chun is self practice. Regardless of the number of classes you take in the gym, you will see a greater improvement by developing the muscle memory for this style of martial art.

Hence, the quicker you can apply the movements of Wing Chun when required. Lack of time is the most common excuse not to self practice. An extra 30 minutes a week can make all the difference to speeding up your improvement. Our advice is to practice the basics of Wing Chun in a practical manner. Centre line punchesturning punchesand footwork Biu Ma and circle step are key to facilitating a drastic improvement in your Wing Chun skills see How to Train Biu Ma.

You should use the same format as the warm up in our Wing Chun classes as a guide for the timing of each skill set. As a rule of thumb, you should spend around 10 to 15 minutes focusing on centre line and turning punches, and an equal amount of time on footwork drills.

Footwork drills could include moving around objects or simply practicing your hand and leg coordination as a movement. To improve your footwork we suggest that you place a small object on the ground and use this as a point to focus or even to circle around.

Chairs are also a useful tool because they can simulate the leg of a Wooden Dummy, but also help you practice the footwork of moving around a body. When training at our gym there is plenty of over sized slam balls or medicine balls to use for these exercises.

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Although, it is preferable to focus on either your Wing Chun hand skills or your footwork, it is acceptable to train both areas in a single 30 minute training session. If you prefer to specialise, then spend between 20 to 30 minutes on your footwork training only see The 5 Best Exercises to Improve Wing Chun Footwork. We strongly advise that you train on a Wing Chun Wall Bag as soon as you start training at our gym.

Of course you will need some advice before you start, as there is a risk of injury, therefore please check with your Sifu before you start this self practice.

Without a doubt wall bag training will ultimately develop power and conditioning for your basic Wing Chun strikes.

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You will hit harder and with a better structure if you train correctly on the Wing Chun Wall Bag. Generally, you should practice closed fist punches centre line, turning punch, high and low rolling punch at various distances away from the bag for at least 10 minutes.

This could be followed by training the various open hand strikes palm, standard, and inverted chops for a further 10 minutes, and finally a combination of both for a 10 minute duration.

Note, 30 minutes may be too long for many beginners, as your hands will not be conditioned. Therefore we advise that you start with 10 minute sessions. The first form gives you strength and structurethe second develops rotational energy to the strength derived from the first form, and the Wooden Dummy form allows you to practice these elements together.

Our suggestion is to focus on specific elements of the various Wing Chun forms and not practice the form from beginning to end.Limited time - use promo code: MAD50 at checkout. In this volume, Durch teaches the leg hook kick, groin hook kick, scoop kick, oblige kick, and a hook kick to the face.

You will also learn three count training drills for each kick and focus pad training for combination kicks to increase accuracy an Durch covers the four corners of Wing Chun punching, boxing punches vs. Wing Chun punches, and the straight blast. He will teach you to train with pads as well as with a partner.

In this title, Durch details close quarter hand movement, Wing Chun's center line fighting, chi sao, fok sal, tong sal, lop sal, and pak sal. Learn lop sal, pal sal and bong sal. Durch also teaches fok sal from mount and fok sal from ground.

In this title, you will quickly learn to use combination kicking, kicking defense, and the straight blast in MMA. Stream free for your first 30 days. Subscribe Share Share with your friends. Alphabetical Release date. Dave Durch - Kicking Basics. Dave Durch - Punches and Approaches. Dave Durch - Trapping. Dave Durch - Trapping Episode 3 In this title, Durch details close quarter hand movement, Wing Chun's center line fighting, chi sao, fok sal, tong sal, lop sal, and pak sal.

Dave Durch - Grappling Takedowns. Dave Durch - Sparring.Developing Conditioned Reflex for Combat By Master Tony Massengill Two of the things which sets Wing Chun apart from many other systems is the principles upon which it is built and the way it is trained.

These are drills and principles will not only improve the Wing Chun practitioner, but enhance the skill level of any martial artist no matter what system they practice. Mijailovic is the founder of several companies including: Cine Sports Production Inc.

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Wing Chun Drills Part 1 Solo Drills

Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. DVD Feb 27, "Please retry". Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Sam Fury. Tony Massengill. Mastering Wing Chun Kung Fu. Samuel Kwok. Wing Chun for the Modern Warrior. Jason Korol. Wayne Belonoha. Customers who bought this item also bought these digital items. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. Product Description Developing Conditioned Reflex for Combat By Master Tony Massengill Two of the things which sets Wing Chun apart from many other systems is the principles upon which it is built and the way it is trained.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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Drills & Techniques

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wing chun drills

Updated: October 11, Reader-Approved References. Wing Chun is a style of kung fu that emphasizes close quarter combat, quick punches and tight defense to overcome opponents. This traditional Chinese martial art destabilizes opponents with quick footwork, defense and offense happening simultaneously, and redirecting opponent's energy to your advantage. This is a complex kung fu method that requires years of practice to master, but beginners can easily start learning Wing Chun by understanding its principles, theories and basic skills.

If you want to learn Wing Chun, start by learning about the center line theory, which involves protecting an invisible line that stretches down the middle of your body from the top of your head to your feet. If you want to take a class, find a Wing Chun Academy near you by searching online, or purchase an online lesson based on your expertise level. Make sure you create a dedicated space with plenty of room for practicing martial arts.

If you can, find a partner to practice with to see how you perform in combat. For tips on learning the fundamentals of Wing Chun and more advanced forms, scroll down!

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. To create this article, 36 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Together, they cited 12 references. It also received 22 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. Learn more Deciding How to Study Wing Chun.Wing chun is well known for its unique structures, simultaneous blocking and striking, trapping, rapid vertical punches, a focus on using the shortest distance between two points, and a strategy that includes controlling the center with constant forward pressure.

Many of the concepts and techniques work very well in self defense, but unfortunately the way they're most commonly taught and trained makes wing chun ineffective for both sport fighting and self defense. On this site however, I'll show you how to remedy that. The root of most problems with wing chun today is primarily related to training.

Many schools focus heavily on solo drills or forms, and when practitioners do train with a partner they begin in positions that no one fights or attacks in, and attack and defend in a way that no one attacks or defends.

In addition to unrealistic training methods and a lack of realistic training methods, techniques are added on top of techniques usually in the form of complex trapping and blocking combinations that would only work in a class of cooperative or wing chun conditioned students. This is the unfortunate case with wing chun today, and it hides the excellent techniques and principles from those less inclined to look to the root of the style.

Aside from the training and technical issues, additions and adaptations need to be made for wing chun to be part of a complete self defense system. But the same can be said of every style. Closed fist punches should be converted to palms, a reliance on stances needs to switch to a reliance on footwork dynamic vs. The functional self defense techniques in the book use Wing Chun techniques, and the awareness, training, and strategy sections are what you need to compliment your current techniques and training to make them work on the street and against other skilled fighters.

The techniques of wing chun, including "defensive" blocking and trapping, have a solid, forward focus. They serve to trap or jam an opponent's limbs in order to maintain or create an opening for attack.

The physical structures of these techniques are unique, and rely on proper bone alignment rather than muscular strength alone. These techniques, combined with constant forward motion, can be extremely effective in self defense. Wing chun emphasizes simultaneous offense and defense, or interceptionsso with every block there is a simultaneous strike.

Wing Chun Practice

Even at mid levels of training, strikes can be used to deflect an incoming attack by cutting the line it's coming in on. While this is common in combat sports like boxing and Thai boxing it's far less common in other traditional martial arts. Solid technical structures, forward pressure, and constant offense combine to create a formidable base. Over the years, especially since MMA went mainstream in the early 's, there's been serious debate over the effectiveness of wing chun style trapping.

This kind of trapping is very seldom seen in sport fighting, and most sport fighters regard it as entirely ineffective. There are three reasons for this. First, because most wing chun training is unrealistic, practitioners are unable to apply anything against a skilled fighter, much less the complex trapping that has evolved in cooperative training.

Therefore, it doesn't appear to work. Second, because it doesn't appear to work, very few sport fighters take it seriously enough to train it effectively.

wing chun drills

Fighters don't think it works, so they don't learn to use it in the first place. And third, trapping is better suited for self defense than fighting. In a fight, both participants know what's up, start at a distance, and are less committed. It's harder to apply trapping on someone who is moving in and out of range.Wing Chun Online is your direct route to learning the dynamic art of Wing Chun Kung Fu quickly and safely from the comfort of your own screen — wherever that may be.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses with forms, drills and techniques explained in detail. Upload area where our instructors will review your videos and give you detailed feedback and gradings. Wing Chun Online is a great idea, as it promotes Wing Chun across the world. It has my endorsement and my blessing.

My name is Joey Johnson I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been doing Wing Chun for around a decade. However after a solid review of your site I have decided to start over with your system, all the way from beginner. I believe by doing this my Wing Chun knowledge and skill will reach higher levels than possible before. I really like the way you teach and the detail that is provided.

So just wanted to say thanks for all the great info!

Wing Chun for MMA

This can be then practiced in a safe environment with your extended student family. I am now living in Switzerland and running my own small school of dedicated students in order to have some arms to train with, and I have found the training videos an invaluable resource of training material. The online drills and lectures can be given to students to watch, be given as particular exercise to study at home, and then when next in class this can be taken further by the teacher!

I highly recommend the online study resource material to students irrespective of level. Wing Chun is an art rather than a sport and not only it keeps you fit; but it teaches you to relax so as to be more efficient physically as well as mentally. So far I am enjoying the process and have never gone away from a session at which all my questions were not answered.

I am excited to get home and work on more progression. Something about it resonated with me and I have never looked back since. I have been a student of Wing Chun for nearly 11 years now and I think the reason I have stuck with it for so long is because it is not just a Martial Art, but a metaphor for life.

If you want to learn an effective and complete Martial Art system or are simply interested in getting yourself healthy and boosting your self confidence, you can find it in Wing Chun. Thank you so much for accepting me as your student and giving me this valuable gift. Congratulations on the innovation of the site, it is very good.

wing chun drills

I pray to God for his success, that he may grow and multiply every day. Always count on my humble help in divulging this work here in Brazil. Stay with God and a strong hug. Congratulations on a well prepared course, I am enjoying learning a new style from scratch, thank you. The whole course is wonderful.

I am more than 27 years in the Wing Chun Kung Fu. Really cool shown and explained exactly. Best regards. I want to thank you for the wonderful instruction by the patient and detailed Sifu. I so appreciate this online school learning to compliment the learning I am doing on site in Canada as a beginner.

Regarding finding a teacher, I feel like I'm already at the top with your videosno place to go from here. I appreciate the online lessons because they are personable.

wing chun drills

The simple answer is yes of course you can learn from videos, because of the way we teach you, step by step and with a team of trained instructors waiting to help. This site is designed to teach you the whole Wing Chun system, from beginner to advanced with new videos being added all the time. Before you can partner, you need to know what you are doing yourself, how to stand, how to punch, what the blocking positions are and so on, most of this you will need to do solo, before you even consider looking for partners that way you may feel more confident with what you are doing.

If a person can join a school then great, as wingchun. However if you have no school to attend, then why not create your own training group?A Wing Chun student is given techniques during there training. These techniques are given in the form of a drill which is to be work on a constant basis so that the information is installed into there bodies forming Muscle memory meaning that like blinking and breathing the student reacts without thinking about what they are doing to defend themselves.

The first drill the student will come across is Wing Chun's first form called Siu Nim taothis form is split into 8 sentences and each sentence is practiced in every class allowing you the student to gain a greater understanding of each shape and build muscle memory.

Moving on from the forms we come to our footwork whether it's basic or advanced footwork the student is introduced to a new step or a sequence of steps every class.

These Wing Chun drills and sequences of movements are designed to help you the student build muscle memory, flow and are drilled until you can do them without any thought. These Wing Chun Drills can be combined so that you as a student can gain a more in-depth understanding of Wing Chun.

First time a Wing Chun student is introduced to the applied side of our Wing Chun Drills they will come across our little game which is called Lat Sao.

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Within this drill the student will learn to attack and defend with whatever your fellow Wing Chun Practitioner throws at you and within this drill you as the student will work through the Also within the game of Lat Sao you the student will learn a variety of different drills design to give you the art of flowing. Dan Chi Sao can be worked diagonally or parallel. Wing Chun Drills and Exercises.

These Wing Chun drills are solo drills and can be practiced anywhere. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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